Senate commission on water research (KoWa) of the German Research Foundation (DFG) originated from the coalescence of the „commission for water economy and land improvement“ and the „commission for drinking water processing“, partially from 25 to 40 people were active in the KoWa

Restructuring of the KoWa with 3-year mandate periods and registration of the number of members on 14 from the universities, membership for maximum two mandate periods


Communication 14 of the KoWa "Perspektiven der Wasserforschung - Ergebnisse aus der 50. Sitzung der Kommission am 10. und 11. März 1994" (Helmut Kobus & Ulrich de Haar [eds.])


Implementation of a scientific secretariat for the operational organisation


Memorandum „Wasserforschung im Spannungsfeld zwischen Gegenwartsbewältigung und Zukunftssicherung“ (DFG [ed.])


Adoption of basic guidelines for the development of new research initiatives in the field of water research:

  • international visibility
  • networking of research institutions
  • support of young academics at the development of multi-disciplinary method skills
  • integration of economic sciences and social sciences
  • link between fundamental reserach and application-oriented research

Resolutions of the DFG Senate to extend KoWa as a temporary senate commission for the last three (+ three) years with the recommendation / mandate:
"... that the commission on water research takes part actively in the establishment of the "Water Science Alliance" in the coming mandate period in order to establish a new representation for German water research and to transfer the senate commission to such representation. Besides, the interests of university research should remain protected."

Apr 01, 2011

last extention of the KoWa

Feb 02, 2013

Foundation of the Water Science Alliance e.V. in Berlin

Jun 30, 2017

Complition of the KoWa

Sep 18, 2017

The WSAeV initiates the Water Research Perspective Commission as an open and interdisciplinary platform and successor of the KoWa, with a main focus on content-related discussion.

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