Water Science Alliance

The Water Science Alliance will be the self-governing representation of German water research organised by the community itself. It is open to scientists as well as researchers and interested parties from associations, public authorities, economy and operators. The Water Science Alliance will improve the networking,efficiency, transparency and national and international visibility of German water research.

Foundation as a new platform for interdisciplinary water research

On the 26th of February 2013 the foundation of the Water Science Alliance e.V. in the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences took place with the adoption of the statutes and the election of the board under the leadership of the chairman of the Senate Commission on Water Research (KoWa)Among the 17 founding members are professors from the universities of Bayreuth, Berlin, Bonn, Dresden, Hannover, Hohenheim, Jena, Konstanz, Munich, Potsdam and Tübingen as well as the Helmholtz and Leibniz Association. Thereby the KoWa has implemented a first step towards the establishment of a new agency for the German water research in accordance with the contract of the Senate of the German Research Foundation (DFG).

Objectives of the Water Science Alliance

Platform for the development and processing of inter- and transdisciplinary research topics

  • Identification of current research topics that are relevant to solving the water problems in the 21st century
  • Support for efficient networking regardless of disciplinary, institutional and national boundaries
  • Development and implementation of thematic clusters
  • Improving the integration of institutional and project funding
  • Development of strategic partnerships on a national and international context
  • Support of young scientists
  • Development and provision of tools for strategic and conceptual themes development, amongst others the Implementation of thematic workshops and the Water Research Horizon Conference

"Mouthpiece" of the German water research towards politics, administration, industry & public

  • Active collaboration with decision-makers in politics, administration and economy at regional, national and European Union (EU) level in issues of strategic planning, the identification of priority research priorities in water research
  • Communication interdisciplinary water research interests over national decision-makers and EU
  • Strengthen the international networking and competitiveness of German water research in international initiatives
  • Improving the knowledge and technology transfer in application, society and politics
  • Public relation

Instruments of the Water Science Alliance

The Water Science Alliance supports the institutional cooperation and networking in Germany by acting as a platform to focus the expertise and to formate consortia that collaborate together in thematic clusters.

For this reason offers the Water Science Alliance following tools that can be used and developed by its members:

The annually Water Research Horizon Conference (WRHC) - as the most important strategic instrument of the Water Science Alliance - has established itself as an open forum for presentation and discussion of innovative research ideas and strategic initiatives with colleagues from neighboring disciplines. The KoWa is involved since 2011 in the scientific organisation of the annual WRHC Conference. Open space workshops as part of the conference offer the opportunity to discuss research ideas to attract interested partners and to identify interfaces between the institutions. Such an open interdisciplinary meeting of disciplines did not exist before and is used by the water community increasingly .

The online portal "Water Research" provides an overview of existing expertises, projects and infrastructures currently around 450 working groups in more than 150 institutions as well as the teaching in the water sector. It enables contact to competent partners.

In addition, roundtable discussions of the DFG (as one instrument of the DFG) to focus a research topic, to form a thematic cluster and to assist in the preparation of proposals are available.

Thematic Clusters

Within the thematic clusters actors work primarily on higher-level, complex and transdisciplinary themes or issues of water research or rather on the joint solution of a superordinate goal such as the understanding of and protection against negative effects caused by pollutants in the water cycle. But thematic clustersmay also be developed and established for:

  • Strategic initiatives and decisions such as the development of research programs,
  • The transfer of research results into application, society and politics,
  • Networking already financed (by various sponsors) projects,
  • Strengthening the international visibility.

More informationen you can find on the website of the Water Science Alliance e.V.

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