Work instruments of a Senate Commission:
  • Plenary Meetings:
    At least 2 times a year members and guests of the Senate Commission on Water Research (KoWa) meet to inform on current initiatives and activities of the DFG office and the DFG review board 318 (water research) as well as the workgroups of the KoWa to discuss an decide further steps.
  • Workgroups:
    The establishment of a workgroup requires a vote of the respective Commission. Within a workgroup recent key aspects in research are supported for a limited period. The members do not have to be a member of the Senate Commission and may as well come from abroad. Meetings of the workgroup are possible at any time.
  • Roundtables and Workshops:
    Roundtable discussions are called from the DFG with the vote of the respective Commission. There may attend up to 30 participants including international ones, who address a certain issue (expert discussion) or in order to prepare major initiatives.

    After consent of the steering commitee of the DFG it is possible to hold a workshop at any time. The issue of a workshop may be worked on by a larger number of participants.


Mandate of the Senate Commission on Water Research

The KoWa shall consultatively contribute to research measures of the DFG, support interdisciplinary and international cooperation, provide advise about key aspects and development trends within the field of water research and support the coordination with other institutions involved in water research. Due to its interdisciplinary character the KoWa feels obliged to bring forward both fundamental research and practical issues of water management to master national and global challenges. It is part of the self-conception of the commission to set priorities on the relevance of research results regarding future problem solving in praxis as well as the social interest in water research. At the same time it is pointed out that this aspect is not to be allowed the solely motivation for research.

As a result of the evaluation of the KoWa the Senate of the DFG has decided on 2nd of February 2011 to extend the Commission as a temporary Commission for three years. With this extension the recommendation was combined, "that the Commission on Water Research in the next mandate is actively involved in the development of the "Water Science Alliance" to establish a new representation for the German water research and to transfer the Senate Commission in such a representation. The interests of the university research should remain protected." The KoWa will accompany and promote the development of the Water Science Alliance in order to establish an effective self-management organisation of water research and initiate first thematic clusters.

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