DFG Review Board 318

The review board elections of the German Research Foundatio (DFG) in November 2015 following persons were elected for 4 years for the review board 318 (water research):

  • Professor Axel Bronstert,
  • Professor Nicola Fohrer,
  • Professor Brigitte Nixdorf,
  • Professor Markus Weitere and
  • Professor Gesine Witt.

With Ms. Nixdorf, Ms. Witt and Mr. Weitere three new members were elected to the review board. Mr. Bronstert is also a member of the Senate Commission on Water Research (KoWa). The inaugural meeting of the review board was held on 11. May 2012 in Bonn. The spokeperson of the review board is Ms. Fohrer.

The members of the review board were invited to the KoWa meetings to discuss challenges and strategical issues. One of the major tasks of the review board is the quality assurance of assessment regarding decisions about research funding of the DFG. The board has to cope with the issue to rank all approvable proposals due to the limited financial framework. Against this background, the members of both the review board and the KoWa discuss the challenges and criteria of the review process. 

In addition, the review boards advise other DFG committees in strategic issues. A common point of discussion with the KoWa members is a cause analysis why the coordinated programmes (especially the priority program) are sparsely used by the water research. The instrument of the research group is mainly used. Contrary to the priority programs, research groups are financed from the professional budget.

Furthermore, there is an intensive discussion about the request and the maintenance of longterm datasets if no further financal support is exist. The discussions confirm that in the water research great uncertainties exsist concerning the handling of long-term data and that there is a a growing demand for sustainable and standardised methods for data security, interdisciplinary portals as well as the use of data repositories.

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